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Lake Forest Park WA

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Graduate From Mountlake Terrace High School
Mountlake Terrace, WA

Attended College Place Middle School
Edmonds, WA

Attended Hazelwood Elementary School
Lynnwood WA


Still am not sure what I am going to do for further formal education yet. I have thought about the possibly getting involved with the broadcasting industry. Or maybe the musical recording industry. The jury for me is still out on each.

Hobbies (Ham Radio)

Amateur Radio

I am a licensed Amateur Radio operator.  I hold a General Class ticket. I mostly operate on 2 meters & 440 MHz. However I do operate on 6m and HF from time to time. My HF experience has been on almost all of the HF bands.  You can find me on HF, on the 18, 14, 7, and 3.5 MHz Band.  I am a semi regular, on the 7.238.5 Late Night Century Club Net

The net meets at 400z every evening.

As well as the 3.857 group that meets on 75m late night around 5hr Z, on the west coast.

I also have operated on the OSCAR Satellite, (Operating Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio), # 13. I really enjoyed the experience until the sat cane crashing down to earth.



PSK 31


Recently I have gotten involved in the PSK 31 "Revolution". Psk 31 is a new digital mode, that is similar to RTTY, however it can be used in very poor band conditions, as well as good. It also doesn't need the power, that a RTTY signal or AMTOR would to achieve the same communication potential. PSK 31, as it is called only 31hz wide, and the Baud rarte, is about 31.5 bits per second. The signal is generated by the software, that you obtain, and sent through your soundcard to your mic jack., to be sent over the air. It is a good idea to have an interface, such as a rigblaster, which has isolation transformers in it, so you don't smoke your computer, or radio.


This means that, since the signal is very narrow, you can have multiple conversations going on at once, without interference, or at least very little. Some stations may cause interference, due to splatter, caused by poorly adjusted audio levels. Unfortunately. There are stations who feel the need to run 60 + watts or more, which is NOT necessary. The recommended power output is no more the 30w. A device such as the Rigblaster , is required to key your radio, to send the psk signal. You can also build your own. But i'd suggest for the beginner, getting one of the already made interfaces. It makes the job of interfacing a lot easier, in most cases.


There are programs such as Digipan, and Winpsk. These programs will allow to get started in psk31. You can find them, and other soundcard "ham software", at You might also want to read the May 1999 QST. It has a Primer on PSK31.





If you are disabled and are interested in Amateur Radio, There is an excellent organization called Handi Hams. They would be very happy to assist you. Also if you are interested in volunteering as an instructor, please contact them as well.

The Following features require Real Player


Listen to a web based Kenwood TS-440  by N2JEU.

Listen to TWIAR, (This Week In Amateur Radio)


Listen To Newsline at TAPR


My brother Brett has a website and his call is N1YJN.


My brother Abe's page is here


Ham Radio in the U.S. in regulated by the FCC

My station consists of:


  • Kenwood TS 820 HF Rig
  • Yaesu FT-847 Hf 2m, 6m, 70cm allmode
  • Kenwood TM 201A 2m Rig
  • Icom 3AT & 03AT 220MHz Radios


  • Realistic HTX-245 Dualband HT
  • Uniden® (Radio Shack Pro-91 Trunk Tracker)
  • Rigblaster
  • SGC SG-230 Smarttuner "I think it is the Lexus of antenna tuners ;)


Member Of The ARRL


Building This Web Site


I have been procrastinating for a few years about building a website. Well here I am at this time doing it. I think that the web is, and can be a vast information tool for everyone.


I think that it will continue to challenge us, with the ever-expanding world of electronic information availability. I hope that this journey will be as rewarding for you as it has been for me. Lastly I hope that the information that I offer on my site is informative to it's visitors.


I am interested in a wide verity of music. I listen to everything pretty much except rap. A few of my favorites are:

  • Neil Diamond - Fan for all most 20 years.  My most liked song is, Cherry, Cherry.


Neil Diamond Albums That I Have



  • The Feel Of Neil Diamond 1966
  • Greatest Hits (1960'?) German Press Of Bang Recording 
  • Just For You - 1967
  • Greatest Hits 1968
  • Velvet Gloves & Spit 1968
  • Brother Loves Traveling Salvation Show (Wagon Cover Edition) 1969
  • Sweet Caroline/Brother Loves Traveling Salvation Show 1969 (Portrait Edition)
  • Touching You /Touching Me 1969
  • Shilo 1970
  • Do IT 1970
  • Tap Root Manuscript 1970
  • Neil Diamond Gold Live At The Tribudor 1970
  • Stones 1971
  • Moods 1972
  • Love Songs 1972
  • Hot Auguest Night 1973
  • Neil Diamond Double Gold 1973
  • Jonathan Livingston's Seagull 1973
  • Serenade 1974
  • Neil Diamond His 12 Greatest Hits 1974 - Picture Disc, with Hot August Night on one side, and picture of Neil on the other.
  • Love At The Greek 1976
  • I'm Glad Your Here With Me Tonight 1977
  • You Don't Bring Me Flowers 1978
  • The Jazz Singer 1980
  • September Morn 1980
  • The Classics 1982
  • Hartlight 1983
  • Primitive 1984 - Also have limited edition picture disc.
  • Headed For The Future 1986
  • Lovscape 1991
  • Greatest Hits 1969-1992 (1992)
  • Glory Road 1992
  • Live In America 1994
  • Tennessee Moon 1996
  • In My Lifetime 1996
  • Three Chord Opera 2001



Albums That I have



  • Close To You 1971
  • The Singles 1973
  • Now And Then 1973
  • A Kind Of Hush 1976
  • The Christmas Album 1978
  • Songs From The Hart 1983
  • Lovelines 1991
  • Interpretations 1995
  • Yesterday Once More 1998 - Remastered


   Close To You Video Cassette






      Albums That I Have


     *  Dilate 1996

  • Not A Pretty Girl 1995
  • Like I Said 1993
  • Little Plastic Castle 1998
  • Living In Clip 1997
  • UP UP UP 1999
  • Reckening


Conway Twitty

Albums that I have


Classic Conway







I am going to see Ani, on July 10, when she comes to Seattle WA.


The concert was great! She preformed a lot of songs from "Littke Plastic Castle", She also performed a few older songs. She came back after the official show was over, a couple of times. One of the most humorus parts of the concert was, when some handed her a pot plant.


Probably an individual from the right to grow pot organization. She said afterwards, (paraphrasing) How am I going to get our little new friend "houseplant" past customs, I am heading to Vancuver Canada tomorrow for another show. I guess there will be a lot of chewing, that will need to be done beforehand.


I have been to both Neil Diamond, (2) and Ani Difranco (2) time(s) concerts, and enjoyed each of them immensely. Ani in 1997, and Neil in 1985 and 1996.


  Lila Mccann 1997


 Lee Ann Rimes On Top Of the World 1998



And many more albums, to many to list though.


You can by any of the above artists, and more at CD NOW


MP3 & MOD Files


I am an avid fan of the MP3 & Mod file music file format. You can find a great deal of these files at the following Web Sites.




For Mp3's


For Mod Files


New York Trip


I visited New York & Connecticut a few weeks ago, for Thanks Giving.  I went to the TV & Radio Museum.  They really have a fantastic place.  You can listen to old radio programs, as well as TV.  


I saw the last episode of MASH.  They have a library where you watch items like mash, as well as theatres, for group viewing of certain schedule items as well.  I did not spend much time with the radio, section of the museum, because my time was limited, had a prior engagement.  


Anyway I would encourage, anyone to visit the place.  I can't wait, (well I have to) go back again, and view some more TV!  The place is in the hart of Manhattan.


I was able to use the subway, to get around New York, and that was kinda neat.  I never have used ANY subway system before.  So it was kinda interesting to figure out the route, it took, or at least some of it.  The one thing though is, that it is sure more $$ than a bus! $1.50 per ride.  Ouch, on that one.  They didn't day New York was cheap to live in.

I also visited Newhaven.  I took the train to Newhaven from New York, and back again, a time or two.  The train ride takes approx, two hours from New Haven, but was able to pass the time by listening to the Walkman, or the scanner.



Favorite News Sites





USA Today


 New York Times


Associated Press 



Radio Shows

I listen to a few talk radio shows that are popular across the country. I enjoy them all and each has their own brand of class, and style.

The Tom Leykis Show



The Art Bell Show (Coast To Coast AM)


I had the chance to say hello to Art on 75m 38.300 (I think).  The time was around 3:30 Am PST (Approximate Time), on 24 January 99.  I told the group what radio + antenna I was using.  They said (paraphrasing). "Why don't you come up here, and join us.  The problem for me is that I am not an advanced class yet.  


A good reason to upgrade.  Anyway a neat opportunity.  The link was made by a phone patch connection, via Bob Crane's, station.  The same "Bob" of the C-Crane Company. They are generally on Saturday nights around 12:00 Am PST on.  I have never talked to art before.  Now I just need to call the show, sometime soon.  



  Loveline from KROQ 106.5 FM

Listen to Loveline via these links below.


107.1 The Planet


KNRK Portland


Dr. Laura


Rush Limbaugh


Last but not least The Don Imus Show, also known as "Imus in the morning". In Seattle and the Snohomish County area, you cam listen on KRKO AM 1380.


Local Seattle area TV Stations


KIRO TV (Channel 7) CBS


KOMO TV (Channel 4 ABC


KING TV (Channel 5) NBC


 KCTS TV (Channel 9) PBS


KSTW TV (Channel 11) UPN


KCPQ TV (Channel 13) FOX


KTZZ TV (Channel 22) WB



 National TV Networks (The Big Four)






Favorite TV Shows





  • Chicago Hope


  • ER



  • 20/20




I am an avid skier. I won a couple medals, (gold) for the fastest blind downhill skier, in my class. The games that I attended were the, 1989 Washington State Centennial Games. I still am interested in skiing but have not done any in a few years though. I am a blind skier. I learned how to ski through an organization called SKI FOR ALL. They offer other recreational activities for the disabled as well.

Video Games

I am an avid video game player. I have a SONY Playstation, and yesterday I purchased an N64. Kept the Sony though. My favorite games to play right now are:

  • Die Hard Trilogy


  • Golden Eye 007 N64
  • Need For Speed III  PSX
  • Croc (Legend Of The Goobs) PSX
  • San Francisco Rush Arcade & N64 version
  • California Speed (Arcade upright)
  • Rush II (Excellent), just as the original N64!


I also like to play computer games as well. I like the simulation programs. I enjoy Flight Unlimited II & Microsoft Flight Simulator. Along with Screamer I & II.


Movies & Video's


Here are some of my favorite movies. and or videos. Not all videos are movie based though.


  • Good Morning Vietnam


  • Something About Marry


  • Die Hard Trilogy


  • Private Parts


  • 3some


        * Breast Men



  • New World Of Amateur Radio (educational video) 1987 ARRL


  • Ham Radio Horizons (CQ Magazine) NW2L Producer


  • Introduction to Amateur Satellites. (CQ Magazine), CQ publishing.


  • Pump Up The Volume



I have a Micron based PC that is an AMD Thunderbird at 1Ghz . With 256 DDR ram and a 64 megabyte Gforce II video card.

And it has 2 60 gig hard drives.


My family has a dog named Kayla. She is a bridle boxer, and about 5+ years old.



I can be reached of the following repeaters:

  • KN7MVO (Mountlake Terrace WA) 444.025 + offset 103.5 PL
  • WA7QIH (Seattle WA) 444.700 + offset 103.5 PL
  • KB7GZ (Seattle WA) 446.45 - offset 103.5 PL


  • K7CHN (North Seattle 146.78 - offset Please join us for our every other Saturday of the month breakfast, at Alexander's restaurant in Bothell WA. We would love to have newcomers to our group. Our repeater needs a 103.5 PL tone to access it. We also hold our weekly Monday night net. The net starts at 2000hrs, local time.


  • KD7CEQ (Puget Sound Repeater Group) - offset. Here is a link to our www page.
  • WA7HTJ (Seattle WA) 444.65 + offset 131.8 PL tone
  • WB7VYA (Everett WA) 146.92 - offset 123.0 PL tone (Snohomish County RACES Repeater System.)

The W7SRZ Repeater System on the following channels.

All of the system's repeaters require a 103.5 PL, except 53.55 which requires a 100.0 PL to access it. Autopatch is open to all users. Use a * to bring up and a # to drop.

  • 444.825
  • 443.550
  • 146.900
  • 53.550
  • 224.68

I support Blue Ribbon. Free Speech on the Internet Campaign.  

Some of my QSL cards that I have collected, in my days as a ham.

Cards are in no particular order.





Want to find out where some of these stations originate? Especially the foreign call sign's. Go to QRZ and find out!


More cards will be added soon.. Sorry For the LONG delay in scanning more QSL cards. Not being motivated has done me in, along with other things. I will hopefully have more coming this summer, or you can shoot me! :)


This website is always under construction, so stop by often.

If you have any problems with this site, please email me.

Thank you for stopping bye!

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